Snow Camellias Blooming EverywhereSee tens of thousands of Snow Camellias, the Prefectural Tree of Niigata and a rare species endemic to Kanose

Enveloped in a sea of cloudsOverlooking magnificent mountains and the Agano River flowing under a sea of clouds

The Japanese GuilinScenic beauty fascinates many painters

Rich farming landscape in Kanose,
 where Snow Camellia,

a rare species in the world, was discovered

The area stretching across the Niigata
and Fukushima prefecture line,
called Okuaga,
boasts a stunning landscape referred to as the Guilin of Japan.

Reputed to give off eerie lights called foxfire, Mount Kirinzan is a symbol of its town.
Kanose offers inns with hot spring baths
and spectacular views of the Agano River flowing through the foothills.
Agano River flowing through the foothills.
Discover inns amid the magnificent nature of Okuaga,
offering bathing experiences in baths
fed by thermal waters
continuously flowing from the source.

AccommodationsInfo of Ryokan

Discover a list of inns that will relieve your travel fatigue. Many of them offer bathing experiences amid the mystical nature of Okuaga, in natural thermal waters fed from the source.